Friday, February 3, 2012



This probably isn't a great photo by anyone's standards except my own, but there is something I just love about it. Maybe it's the mouse ears on the suit that I had to buy G at a consignment sale. (Wish you could see the tail she is sitting on!) Maybe it's the new Ikea shelves that I finally got after years of covetting. Perhaps it's the mess she is sitting in (she is my daughter!). Whatever it is, to me, this says home. It's one of those days that I get to just stay at home and be Mommy, my favorite job, only second to Wife. These days are becoming more and more precious to me. I know some day they will be gone, or at least my kids will be grown. I will miss the mess, miss the toys, miss my babies being babies. But for today I choose to put off the household duties and play. I love being a Mommy!



I first saw the "I Shoot People" (with a camera!) necklace on Shutter Sisters and loved it. Around Christmas I was looking for a mother's necklace and was referred to The Rusted Chain by a friend, where this little gem popped up. As much as I love my kiddos, I immediately switched gears and decided that this is what I wanted instead. Cute with a sense of humor--you can't beat that.

I was surprised when it didn't turn up under the Christmas tree. To my delight, it turned up today. They hadn't been able to deliver it by Christmas. So not only now do I have an awesome necklace, but the Christmas joy was spread a little more than expected. Thanks, Honey!

Saturday, January 28, 2012



We were sitting together New Year's Eve when I looked down at our hands intertwined and knew that was what I wanted to be my first photo of the year. I wanted it be something representative of what a new year and a new beginning mean to me. When I know nothing else, I know that, God-willing, John is going to there with me to celebrate, to cry, to learn, to love. Whatever 2012 holds, we are in it together. I can't think of a better way to start a year.

The Day the Music (or Photos) Died

I am sad to say that is where 2011's 365 Project ends. I kept taking pictures and lots of them, but unfortunately things happen. I won't go into detail, but I will say that I LOVED my 365 and was sad that circumstances largely beyond my control brought it to a halt. Even now, just a few months later, I look back and am so glad I can remember each and every one of these days. Even when I felt the pictures were mundane, they have become special moments that I will cherish. They also made it a hoot to put together a 2012 calendar that is just precious! It's enabled me to have tons of memories sitting beside me at my work desk when I have to be away from my precious family. So here's to Project 365. Looking forward to 2012...Project 366.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 210


The Bug Walk
We have waited for years to be able to take our kids to the bug walk. Something has always gotten in the way. This year we were even a month early! But tonight we made it. Unfortunately for Will, there were no bugs to eat. But this is the first time he has wanted a tattoo. Good thing I snapped it when I did, because he had scrubbed it off by the time we got home!

Day 209


She's a Climber!
Look out below!

Day 208


The Chicken and the Legos
If you don't have a Lego chicken, you don't know what you are missing. It takes Legos to a whole new dimension. Just saying.